Full Services Office

This office is suitable for small or newly established businesses, representative offices based in foreign countries, education, or financial centers. Areas range from 10m2 - 20m2, all fully furnished and ready to work. All package service charges (excluding overtime charges) are included in the rental price…

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Shared Office

These are mid-level spaces suitable for medium-sized businesses, branches, or representative offices. Areas range from 30m2 to 200m2. Complete standard quality infrastructure…

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Unfinished units

For customers who demand larger spaces (from over 500m2) - We will assist you in developing your own custom workspace designed and constructed exactly to meet your requirements. We will guarantee the property is operated safely, effectively, and precisely to your specifications…

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Virtual office

This is ideal for business address registration, telephone support networks, and document reception. Designed especially for outsourced manufacturing companies which require a commercial address in the city center, the Virtual Office delivers lower cost with more convenience…

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